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TAU Admins Geck and Nexus decided that their run with TAU is coming to an end. :(
Original Post from Geck
After much discussion and talk, nexus and I have decided to end our run of tauniverse, it has been quite fun, however we simply do not have the time for it.

I personally have a family now and a career, between the two of those, I do not have time to handle management of TAU. Nexus has a business that is taking too much time. This has been a large time and money sink for the both of us.

At this time we are offering the option to buy TAU (just TAU) for $2,000 to anyone in the community interested. The next step is to auction off domains and properties if the community does not buy it, which are valued at well over $2,000, however we want to offer the community the opportunity to save TAU first.

I can be contacted at regarding any inquiries.
As to what will become to TAU, Some of Warzone and Phoenix Worx users as well as TAU very own community are discusing and trying to find ways to preserve this Treasure Trove of TA Information, Mods, Units, Maps and TC.
TA Universe is "THE" central point to all that is TA related for anyone that is just discovering all the possibilities of Total Annihilation to the most seasoned Commanders.
Follow this event here on TAU Forums
PhalanX aka PLU_TyranT/No_Limits
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