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(No_Limits, ACE_Jacksonx) Vs (N1_Aprox, EXZoFury)
Rating: 6.5/10
Skill Level: Above Average
Map: Comet Catcher

First game I am gonna review here. Limits said he needed more reviewers so im gonna try to do a few so that woody will not drop dead.

This is a simple 2v2 on Comet Catcher. Limits and Jackson are north and Aprox and Fury are south. This match is very short and it does not even get past the first early flash rush stages. Each team has a player that out performs the other and in the end Limits just eventually mass produces sams and out numbers everyone. Fury gets almost all his mexes taken out early on and it continues to happen throughout the game.

Was interesting to see a team game with no communication was used at all. It might have turned out a little bit differently if they talked to each other more. Well probably not but it can't ever make things worse.

Anyways d/l if you would like to see some quick rushes and good uc control with flash. Also Limits plays this map like a beast

2v2 | Views: 984 | Downloads: 323 | Added by: Specialist | Date: 2010-10-20 | Comments (4)

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