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Woody vs Tip
Rating 8.5/10
Skill Level: High
Map: Painted Desert

Another (and hopefully final) self-review until I start recieving TADS from fellow TA gameplayers to fill up the demo queue. I don't care if you are an expert or average, if the game is good and has at least a few interesting things to show then I am, and I am sure everyone else would be happy to review it!

Tip and I went through a phase where we played each other with alternating races on this map and GOW 2, to see who can actually get a brag demo of a corewin on either of those maps. We must have played well over 30 games over two weeks on just those 2 maps and well.. meh!

This is one of my better attempts at trying to slay the almighty Tip with core on this map, with absolutely ruthless raiding and expansion I actually found myself with enormous momentum and a good advantage. However Tip digs in and attempts to pull the game into late-game terretory where he is simply monstorous. A good first 35 mins before a predictable end, enjoy.

N.B. I think I will rate the skill level descriptivly in all my reviews from now on, individual player stats are not only misleading, they can also ruin the outcome and easy to misinterpret/judge.
1v1 | Views: 1154 | Downloads: 367 | Added by: TEA_WOODY | Date: 2010-10-24 | Comments (0)

Start this thing with a blast from the past and a Legendary TAD for you guys.
This CBL 5 Final is played on GOW and it was the one of the prime 2v2 maps.
Most of us older players know how it ended, but for those newers ones  or if your feeling nostalgic this is a must have replay.
Old Skool | Views: 1529 | Downloads: 428 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2009-05-03 | Comments (0)

(No_Limits, ACE_Jacksonx) Vs (N1_Aprox, EXZoFury)
Rating: 6.5/10
Skill Level: Above Average
Map: Comet Catcher

First game I am gonna review here. Limits said he needed more reviewers so im gonna try to do a few so that woody will not drop dead.

This is a simple 2v2 on Comet Catcher. Limits and Jackson are north and Aprox and Fury are south. This match is very short and it does not even get past the first early flash rush stages. Each team has a player that out performs the other and in the end Limits just eventually mass produces sams and out numbers everyone. Fury gets almost all his mexes taken out early on and it continues to happen throughout the game.

Was interesting to see a team game with no communication was used at all. It might have turned out a little bit differently if they talked to each other more. Well probably not but it can't ever make things worse.

Anyways d/l if you would like to see some quick rushes and good uc control with flash. Also Limits plays this map like a beast

2v2 | Views: 1053 | Downloads: 324 | Added by: Specialist | Date: 2010-10-20 | Comments (4)

Glufetz vs Steelceaser (Blackflag)
Rating: 8/10
Skill Level: Above average
Map: Painted Desert

Courtesy of Bacardi, this demo is 21 megs folks, watch out! An interesting game thats different to most PD games, after some early raiding from both sides. After 10 minutes, all expansion and raiding is ignored and the game quickly becomes a ctrl-z fest for control over the growing pile of wreckage (and everythign else) in the centre.
Blackflag does an excellent job of taking rapid control of the wreckage field and building up nearly-overwhelming momentum against glufetz's shrinking terretory. Glufetz does an good job of hanging on tho, and sadly for Blackflag, he becomes tunnel-visioned in how to win the won game. Glufetz gets a fusion up, then another and another and equalizes his position before BF joins in the fusion race and it simply becomes a case of who wants to win the most.

Post Mortem (Spoilers):
Games like this have happened to me often in the past, its easy as a watcher to glance at the game and see that ctrl-zing units towards the same spot and fussing everythign there is just bad, and at least making smaller raids in conjunction to progrssion in the centre would have been far more effective (at least for bf). This is also a position I many a time have seen the seemingly overwhelming player struggle to secure a win from, where the player (blackflag in this case) has vast majority map control and the defending player is really forced to pack his base tightly and rely on the fusion race lead to equalise. From here though, the best things for BF to do would be to focus on bb's, nukes and really clamping down on all fronts any counterattacks the opponent can make. BF was horrifically tunnel visioned here and just needed to take a step back and fully assess his options to win.
1v1 | Views: 1108 | Downloads: 316 | Added by: TEA_WOODY | Date: 2010-10-24 | Comments (0)

Woody vs Jay
Map: Acid Foursome
Rating: 6/10
Skill Level: Average

I'm reviewing one of my own games here, but I'll be fair. Jay is one of those TA players who is convinces his 'massive' age of 40-something prevents him from competing, I persnally think it's his own weak mental prowess that lets him down, to compete you must take up the challenge with both hands and throw down the gauntlet!
Jay does that somewhat this game, particularly at the start, I'm playing core and south, and soon found myself very outplayed by Jay, outraided and out-expanded, almost to the point of quitting. Kudos to him.

See the position Jay is in after his early success, he's winning but how can he finish the game off?
For me at that time my only real options were to attack right top or hold bottom left, otherwise I'd quickly lose a huge amount of the map and would simply crumble under the weight of Jay's attacks.

Unfortunatly for Jay, he did not jump on this simple strategic decision to effectivly cut off my counterplay and the game quickly boils down to a fight to the wire. Enjoy
1v1 | Views: 996 | Downloads: 312 | Added by: TEA_WOODY | Date: 2010-10-24 | Comments (0)

First proper review here, so here goes..
A relativly short game here but some good learning value on things that will punish you severely on this map.
These include:
Not balancing a defensive and offensive build
Walking comm prematurely
Not making enough conns (esp with a walking comm)
Missing rogue expansion (Bottom left corner)
Attacking with way too many flashes at single points

Sadly, it was rock who made all these mistakes, and he gets nailed for it, hard
Worth a watch tho
1v1 | Views: 951 | Downloads: 306 | Added by: TEA_WOODY | Date: 2010-10-20 | Comments (0)

Old friendly game I played backed in 2004 on PW.
If I remember right G35MT was Blitz_Banshee but i completly forgot who was John Gotti (i just remember it was a semi smurf name).
Was a fun game when i played it, but it show why im just an average player still (even today), idle cons and metal everywhere i could use and reclaim, mass ctrl z, and not a single flash built, odd uses of units (ie poor Hawk & Bomber Unit Control). Learning value if any is dont forget to do what i forgot to do in this game :P
FFA | Views: 961 | Downloads: 288 | Added by: Test | Date: 2010-10-20 | Comments (0)

Original TADRS Review, Uploaded here since Tadrs giving corrupts downloads atm.
Game Name Magnificent IGW on Kill The Middle Game Date11/27/2005 Review Date11/27/2005
Map Kill the Middle Rating 10 Reviewer BLITZ_Molloy
Game Type1vs1 DOWNLOAD

Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 PRO_Tiptushi 1 10 10 
Player 2 OBSESSION/PLU_Wargod 2 10 10
It's a shame more people don't play on Phoenix Worx because you can get some very interesting games on there. People play the more obscure maps, and often as Core. It's certainly very refreshing as a reviewer to get to see a game like this at any rate.

I've gushed about Tiptushi before but this is probably the best game I've seen him play. It's an absolute seat-of-his pants risky, creative as fuck, masterpiece. I can't begin to describe it because it's a game full of surprises and I don't want to ruin any of them.

Wargod plays an absolute stormer as well. He really stretches Tip in this match, I particularly liked how smoothly he switched tactics. He knows when to apply presure, and when to reclaim his shit and cut his losses.

I'm looking forward to the dissection on the forum. Download the demo and let us know what you think.

1v1 | Views: 1028 | Downloads: 285 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2010-10-20 | Comments (0)

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