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Main » 2008 » December » 3 » What makes you an TA addict?
What makes you an TA addict?
7:21 AM
Nice post Cowsyki. I'm kinda wondering why you brought up the "addiction" word.

Hmmm, a term I ponder every flipping day. "Gee, I'll just look to see who is on WZ and PW...I wont play a game though." Twelve fucking hours later, saying "Ok, just one more and I'll eat breakfast soon, because I missed my dinner last night"

Sound familiar anyone? Maybe its about finely tuning a well built machine, trying to nano your com out of a vicious samson rush or ummm...Well, in Frank's case maybe its all about noobin it up with the best of them. O_O

Anyone else have these symptoms or oh..ahem..justifications for our beloved poison we inject into our veins?


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