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TA Music Jukebox
Welcome Woody, Specialist and No_Rules to the TA Games Review Team.
They also need some good replays to make use of their reviewing skillz.
Want to help them out ? Of course you do, just add some replays. :)
Views: 1536 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2010-10-25

It's been quite a while since i last updated anything on the No website.
I decided to add a couple TAD's up (mostly for examples) since Tadrs site currently seems to have corrupt downloads.
To view the current games on the website, use the TA Game Reviews in site navigation.
Wondering if anyone would like to do reviewing of some of the games.
Views: 1496 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2010-10-20

Do you guys and gals like it ?
It's not much, but i might expand and rework on it. :unsure
Views: 1466 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2009-05-14

 Managed to get the Total Annihilation Music Player working like it was originally intended for this website.
It should shuffle automaticly and start each visit with a different Total Annihilation song. It also have automatic resuming feature when you browse the website pages. It features all the original ta cd songs within it's playlist.
 Enjoy! :)
Views: 1433 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2009-05-11

Long Time No News :P
Have'nt really played the site untill yesterday when JiggaWhat asked me if i would like to review games for Tech Support Desk and working out something to output them somewhere.
So we talked alot and came up with something that could be fun. No website will have the reviews and TSD will host the actual TAD. Kinda odd way to do it, but with No website limited server space/file size capacity (free uCoz webhost) and JiggaWhat already full hands just keeping up with Boogieman requests and administrating/develloping TSD, it's what we came up with.
An interresting option open up also this way, No website members could become reviewers for No/TSD via a TSD shared upload/reviewed online folder bin. If you would like to become such a person and got the will, time and skills/knowledge to do it, sign up and give me a shout in the Forums or on PW/WZ! (We can use more No Smurfs) ;)
Views: 1438 | Added by: Limits | Date: 2009-05-04

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